Othello AI

Software Design Final Project

Project maintained by Casey Alvarado, Pratool Gadtaula, and Jay Woo

Project Proposal

Pratool Gadtaula, Casey Alvarado, and Jay Woo

Our project is an artificial intelligence algorithm for the game of Othello (also known as Reversi). Othello is a strategy game typically played between two humans. However, we are developing code that would allow a human to play against a computer.

This leads to our minimum deliverable: an implemented algorithm that a computer uses while playing against a human that is better than randomly choosing valid moves. In order to accomplish our task, we will use previously written Python code for Othello, which will be appropriately cited and amenable to inserting a computer-solving algorithm.

After achieving our minimum deliverable, there is plenty of room to expand by optimizing the implemented algorithm. We can also develop multiple iterations of our algorithm or different techniques for a computer to use and provide the user with different styles and difficulties to play against.

Our first step is to understand the rules of Reversi. Then, we will learn about basic puzzle-game solving algorithms such as minimax and apply them to Tic-Tac-Toe. The biggest problem we foresee is integration the artificial intelligence algorithm into the pre-programmed game of Reversi.

Github repository: Othello AI